Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Discipline works!

The last two Lord's Days, I've enjoyed the privilege of spending the afternoon with a family of dad, mom, two boys, and a girl. In addition to excellent fellowship with the grown-ups, I also had much pleasure in talking with the kids. Like every child of Adam, they are sinners, but yet I couldn't help but be struck by the major difference between these kids and the children I so often see in the world at large. They were well-behaved for their age, but what also struck me is how cheerful they were. Their parents are careful to practice consistent Biblical discipline including the rod (i.e., spanking (gasp!)), a practice that's commonly thought to be oppressive to children, but I didn't detect any signs of oppression. Instead, I saw every indication that they enjoy the daily blessing of living under the care of two loving and godly parents.

The example of this family is not an isolated one. In fact, I know of quite a few other families whom I could characterize in equally glowing terms. Contrary to today's worldly thinking, which presumes that pretty much any form of strict discipline is tantamount to child abuse, I have seen the evidence with my own eyes: strict but loving discipline carried out in a consistent and diligent manner is the very best favor we can do for our children. Although all people ought to abhor overly harsh discipline that's carried out in an angry, unloving manner, proper discipline is the most loving thing we can give our children.

Not (yet) a parent, but once a child,

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