Tuesday, January 03, 2006


The fingerprints of the Designer

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of taking a flight in a small plane courtesy of my church's amateur pilot. Along with the complexity of the nuts and bolts of aviation, especially the navigation systems, I was struck by the scene I saw passing several thousand feet below us. Everywhere I could see the evidence of man's creative works: roads, railroads, buildings, farms, etc.. The order and complexity of all of this infrastructure made it unmistakably clear it was not the result of random chance. Instead, it was plain that intelligent designers had been at work. People are not fools. When we look at a bridge or a building or a painting, we immediately recognize the distinctive fingerprint of the work of intelligent men and women. One must be truly deranged to look at the Sears Tower or a painting by a great Dutch Master and think, "This is the result of random chance."

However, there are many in our generation who frequently, and willfully, disregard the obvious fingerprint of the Great Designer, Almighty God. Wherever we focus a telescope or a microscope on a galaxy or a microbe, the awesome complexity and order ought to shout out, "This is the work of a great designer, not the result of random chance." Yet, we are led to believe by many so-called experts that all of this complexity is the result of random, natural processes. On one hand, we freely acknowledge the countless man-hours that were put into the creation of the fastest computers, yet we attribute the creation of the human brain--a computing engine far more powerful than the fastest supercomputer--to random chance. What an affront to the Great Designer that we refuse to honor Him for His wonderful and awesome work, and how amazing that we can be so selectively ignorant of the handiwork of the greatest Designer of all. No matter how far away we peer into space or how closely we zoom in to a single cell, the evidence for design is everywhere, but yet man in his depravity and foolishness refuses to see it.

My friend, the myriad structures of this earth and universe are far, far greater in complexity than anything that any man or woman has ever created. Are you so blind as to not see this? Have you put your faith in naturalism--the presupposition that nature is all that there is or ever will be--even in the face of such overpowering evidence? Mind you, the object of the Christian's faith, Almighty God, is an invisible God, so He must be trusted in faith, but how much greater faith is necessary to believe that the world around us is the product of random chance and natural processes! Yes, yours is the greater faith, for you believe in billions upon billions of small events that happened at just the right time and place over eons of time worked together to create the universe we see today, whereas I must merely believe that our Creator spoke the universe into existence.

The Bible speaks truly when it says that the heavens proclaim the Glory of the Lord. His fingerprints are all over Creation. How long will you deny Him the Glory that is due Him for His awesome work of creation? Although experts may scoff against this truth and courts may decree that it not be taught in classrooms, the evidence for design in the tiniest cell or the greatest star is hidden only to the basest fool: the man who refuses to believe what he sees with his own eyes. Such men will be found without excuse on the great Day of Judgement, for the revelation of Nature itself will be enough to demonstrate beyond doubt that the existence of God was abundantly clear to all!

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