Saturday, July 01, 2006


Writer's block

When I started this blog over a year ago, one of my reasons for doing so was to improve my writing skills. Lately, I've been realizing that I've not made as much headway towards that goal as I'd like. Although I have the feeling that I'm not terribly successful in expressing my thoughts in writing, I've had trouble with diagnosing the problem, much less fixing it. I'm thinking that the only way I'm going to truly improve my writing is to find myself a mentor/"constructive critic" to read my work and offer suggestions on how I might improve. Although the written word affords me with countless examples of good writing, the art of how to go about putting the lessons I learn from good writing into practice is one that's largely unknown to me. At this point, I think my shortcomings lie in the area of rhetoric, so I may be doing some research on that subject to see if I can pick up some useful tips.

I say all this in order that I might solicit your prayers that the Lord (if He so wills) would raise up a mentor for me and/or help me improve my writing on my own, and to let you know that my posts will likely be sporadic until I come up with an approach to improve my skills.

Since I might not be posting all that much for the foreseeable future, you might just want to point your RSS reader to my RSS feed . That way, you'll see my new posts shortly after I post them without having to visit my blog via your Web browser.

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