Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Drink diet soda, gain pounds?

For me, one of the things I enjoy most about reading the news is seeing one of my pet theories confirmed. Today, it's my theory about diet soda. On the few occasions I've had a diet soda, I've noticed that it always made me feel more hungry, thus making me feel inclined to eat more, not less. On the other hand, if I drank a soda with real sugar, or better yet drank something that was naturally low in sugar, I felt "fuller" and less inclined to pig out on solid food. Apparently a study has confirmed my suspicion:

Drink More Diet Soda, Gain More Weight?

For the last few years, the (In)Scrutable One has drunk mostly water, milk, apple/cranberry/grape juice (preferably unsweetened), and unsweetened iced tea, and is happy to report that so far his caloric intake remains modest and his physique remains slender. His favorite "sweets" include dried plums and flavored oatmeal. Thus, he minimizes his intake of not only artificial sweeteners but also the real thing. Of course, skipping the coconut on his chocolate cake helps, too. :-)

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